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Meet your (wine) makers...

Bill Reishus: Head Winemaker

Bill is the lead winemaker for Triad Winery. With a background in medical science, he enjoys concocting the perfect blend and experimenting with unique grapes and flavors. Known as the family scientist, he has the difficult task of meeting the high standards of Triad’s lead tasters: his wife and daughter! 


Corinna Reishus: General Manager

Corinna is the lady in charge. She uses her organizational skills and paralegal background to keep the wines improving, the books balanced, and the family thriving. One of her favorite activities is finding (and trying) wine and food pairings.

Alexis Reishus: Marketing Director

While Alexis was in college, her parents told her that the three of them were going to start a family winery and she would be doing the marketing. Years after a reluctant “sure, Mom,” Alexis has loved putting her advertising major to good use building her family’s brand. 


Pal, Akila, and Remi Reishus:

The Dog Triad

Though Pal is no longer with us, he was there for the very start of the winery. Despite his cranky old man attitude, he’d always follow his family down to their group wine tastings (as long as they brought treats). The family husky Akila has seen the winery grow from her family’s habit between walking her to the business it is today. It gives her an excuse to spend time with the family in a cold room without seeing other people; in other words her perfect world. Remi the rescue pup joined the team in the middle of it all, and frankly doesn’t get why her family would crush grapes instead of pat her 24/7. 

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